Sweet Sobriety

icecreampicI’m celebrating two years sober today – woot! Many of you know that this is not my first time around the sobriety block. It has taken me about a decade to get here, but I have arrived – and it feels oh so good. Sobriety didn’t always feel this awesome. My attempts at living sober before this two-year streak found me somewhat unsettled. The voice of addiction somehow always crept its way back into my little head, telling me untruths and tempting me to escape again. The past two years have been quite different, however. I give myself a lot of credit for doing some majorly deep introspective work in order to love and understand myself more. As I became more aware of who I really am – basically a human with a heart full of love – I became more willing to accept the truths about myself. Throughout my life, for many reasons, I developed addictive tendencies to alcohol (some believe you are born with these but I believe there is a cause). The simple truth of the matter is that, at this point in my life, the toxic (for me) substance of alcohol does not serve my highest and best good… And when I act out in a manner that is not aligned with my higher self, it is a disservice not only me, but to the entire world. Simple as that. “Alcoholic” or not, booze is no good for this girl.

So, I am extremely grateful to be sober today. I’m grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful, supportive friends and family. I’m grateful to have and use magical healing tools to aid me on a daily basis. I’m grateful that when I’m feeling negative emotions I can actually feel them and I don’t “need a drink” to cover them up. Most of all, I’m grateful to experience real feelings of peace and joy within my heart. It’s hard to believe that I used to down a bunch of tequila shots to try to achieve the state I now feel so naturally! It takes a lot of courage to stop masking the pains and to start addressing the roots of them. Praise to those  who have healed their addictions and prayers for those who still suffer. May all beings be happy and free, and may my life contribute to that freedom in some way.