Cultivating Cleanliness in the New Year

Oh 2016, you played so dirty! A year of great loss, environmental degradation, and political corruption – just a few layers of the muck we’ve had to walk through. Many people who I’ve been in contact with have experienced a load of depression, anxiety, exhaustion and disappointment. Not everyone had such a tough time, but many got spattered by the harsh energies this year pelted toward us. 

Personally, I got swept away in the drama of it all.  A broken heart, family illness and the ebbs business and finance were too stressful for me to deal. In addition to my individual woes, all the chaos happening on the collective level completely overwhelmed my sensitive, empathic being. I couldn’t decipher between my own painful feelings and the energy I was absorbing from the world. I found myself saying fuck it to my usual grounding spiritual practices and slipping back into old, unhealthy habits and relationships. I was certainly reminded of how easy it is to ignore and escape my issues rather than responsibly solve them.

Well, surely those quick fixes only work for a short amount of time. The longer we use (and abuse) anything outside of ourselves to numb out or fill the void, the deeper we dive into the vicious cycle of the behavior and the harder it gets to set ourselves free. This goes for any avenue we are looking to escape through, whether it’s food, substances, relationships, or what’s-on-the-screen. 

One my favorite spiritual gurus and astrology extraordinaire, Kaypacha (as well other light leaders), has deemed 2016 “the year of purification”, meaning that what has been lying deep within the collective (un)consciousness is now emerging to be seen and purified. Everything has been rising to the surface in order for us to face our demons with loving grace and to stop limiting the expansion of human awareness. 

In my own experience, I feel very fortunate that my awareness is now keen to the point that I cannot waver too far from my path of truth. A good friend recently said to me “God has you on a short leash. ” So true. Try as I might to return to my old ways, but Source will steer me in the right and light direction soon enough. About a month ago, around Thanksgiving, I woke up out of the illusion of lack and remembered that I am so powerful!  From that point, I started to purge any and all that was not serving my highest and best good – the unwanted behaviors, the toxic relationships and the general self-unworthiness. 

To the demons I came into very close contact with this year: the door to the past is CLOSED, muthafuckas. You shall not pass!! I am emerging into 2017 as a mean, clean, manifesting machine! 

And of course, as always, I am here to help you do the same. I have space for 3 new coaching clients at the beginning of the new year. So if you are as serious as I am about following the path of your highest self, then simply email me to schedule a Discovery Session. I’m happy to support you in letting go of addictions, loving the (seemingly) dark side of yourself, deepening your intuition, creating healthy boundaries and nourishing your mind, body and soul. 

Wishing you a pure and happy new year! 

Love and light, 

“There’s no room for demons when you’re self-possessed.”  – Carrie Fisher