Heal Your Habits

Good day! I hope your hearts are filled with hope from the powerful energy this weekend. I’m still in awe of all the goddesses who gathered world wide in peace and unity. My personal (enormous) goddess posse cures my life, so it’s beautiful to to see the world get a big dose of divine feminism.  

As the current times call for us to gather and speak up for justice and peace, my mission to help individuals find peace within themselves is stronger than ever. The world needs healing on all levels!

My most recent clients have been coming to me expressing all kinds of physical ailments and emotional turbulences. Many of them also share how they default to those quick senses of satisfaction (as mentioned in my last email) in order to dull or numb painful experiences. 

The real solution to making our lives more manageable is to slow down, pay attention and receive the underlying messages of our bodies and emotions.
My unwanted habits are what got me into this whole healing business. I used to consume way to much alcohol and my roughest nights of blackout drinking forced me to make a major life change. I was a hot mess until I finally decided that enough was enough! Once I was able to (finally!) let go of what was not serving my highest and best, the quality of my life improved tremendously. Since then, and throughout my 12-year healing journey, I have acquired many holistic tools for self-awareness that help me sustain a healthy lifestyle.
Heal Your Habits is an opportunity to explore how your unwanted behaviors are actually a gift, meeting them with curiosity instead of judging yourself so harshly. Together, we will explore how you can meet yourself with more compassion, awareness, and receive the real underlying messages of our bodies and emotions. By bringing more awareness and light to the darker parts of yourself, you can learn to make more empowering choices for yourself and your life.

I believe the more honest, compassionate and gentle we can be with ourselves, the more peace we radiate out. So let’s keep it kind on the inside first and foremost. 

To learn more about Heal Your Habits, click HERE.  Please feel free to share this info with anyone you think may benefit. 

Love and light, 


“The first and best victory is to conquer self.” – Plato