5 Ways to Ground, Protect and Clear Your Energy

“When chaos is all around you, the wisest choice is to create peace within you. Your peace shines outward and supports the creation of a new harmony.” – Yung Pueblo

Wow, the world right now! Challenging times on both the collective and individual levels have many feeling mad, confused and depressed. A friend recently posted on Instagram about how angry she is regarding current events and that it’s “not always about choosing love.” I replied that acknowledging her anger yet expressing it wisely IS choosing love. The human experience requires us to feel the whole spectrum of emotions, not only the light and happy feels. When we receive hard news, our reactions can either help the situation at hand or make matters worse. We may not have the power to change other people’s decisions, but we do have the power to maintain our own sense of well being. 

The thing is, we often forget how easily we can absorb the negative energy of others (or dish it out). In fact, some such as myself are highly sensitive and feel the low vibes of others so acutely that we can quite literally feel like we are carrying the weight of the world. So when things get chaotic and emotions run high, it’s important to pay attention to how we are managing our own energy in order to protect ourselves AND contribute to peace on a larger scale. As a reiki energy healing goddess, I’d love to share some tips on how to ground, protect and clear your energy every day.

  1. Center yourself in the a.m. – Oh how I sing from the high hills the benefits of a morning routine! My ME time in the morn is non-negotiable. While my personal routine is fairly lengthy – usually about an hour for breakfast/coffee, meditation, prayer, intentions and oracle cards – yours doesn’t have to be. Even just a few moments of sitting still and focusing on your breath within your body or writing/speaking your intentions can help to ground your energy before you take on the day. Operating from a grounded place throughout the day will help you make wiser choices regarding your self-care, which in turn will improve every area of your life. 
  2. Balance your blood sugar – We could all still use some reminders when it comes to nourishing our bodies in a healthy way. Ditch the processed foods and over-consumption of addictive substances like sugar/caffeine/alcohol. You may think those “foods” give you comfort or help keep you energized throughout the day, but if over-used, they actually dull your spirit, keep you on a blood sugar roller coaster and make you more susceptible of absorbing harmful energy. Make sure you’re stocked up on life-affirming foods and bevs and cook at home more often than you dine out in order to keep your energy clear and grounded. 
  3. Minimize the media – Put the Facebook down and walk away from the Facebook! If you’re constantly glued to social media or the news, please give your sweet being a break from the dang screens. Even if it’s just for a hour at a time, turn off the constant chatter and bring your focus back to your life in the present moment. FB has been especially full of toxic energy lately. Again, you don’t have control over other people’s opinions and choices, but you do have the power to protect your own energy by choosing who, when and how to engage. As a HSP (highly sensitive person), I’ve recently had to draw some clear boundaries with social media usage in order to protect myself and keep the peace. Be mindful of how it’s effecting you and adjust your involvement accordingly.
  4. Check in with your own heart – When you have successfully minimized your media time, you are no longer so concerned with what everyone else is feeling/doing and you can bring your awareness back to who matters most – YOU. May I remind you that it is certainly not selfish to put you first, in fact the world needs you to care about your own heart first and foremost. Allowing yourself to get in touch with your own feelings and express them healthily – via clear communication, journaling, music, art or body movement to name a few ways – releases all the stuck energy that keeps you wound in a tight ball of stress. When you free yourself of those heavier energies, your true inner light will shine through and you’ll positively affect those around you. 
  5. Clear your field – Your aura overlays your physical self and interacts with your mind, body and spirit. It’s like a magnet that picks up foreign, dark vibes everywhere you go. I’ve already discussed a few ways to keep yourself grounded, clear and less susceptible to picking up (or passing on) these types of  energies, but sometimes we need some additional tools to help clear our energy fields. My favorite ways to “cleanse” are meditation, prayer, being in nature (Mama Earth will gladly take your negative energy and recycle it into something beautiful), taking sea salt baths, sound healing, smudging with sage or palo santo, and using crystals and stones. You can find a few of these tools and more at Sunlight of the Spirit on J. Reiki is also a very powerful energy healing modality, so please inquire if you are interested. 

Here’s to you taking great care of your beautiful energy! May you radiate your self-love and peace for all the world to heal.