Basic Body Care + Spring Sale

Hello Spring! 

The northern hemisphere is officially in bloom and Mama Nature is beckoning us outside to play… Time to get reacquainted with the Earth. 

At the beginning of the year, I had my natal birth chart read by an astrologer. If you’ve never had a chart reading, I highly recommend it. It’s the roadmap of your soul’s intent in this lifetime. My astrology session confirmed so many aspects of myself and opened my eyes to others. One of the fun things I learned in my reading was that I have NO earth planets in my chart. All of the planets at my time of birth are equally balanced in water/air/fire but no earth. This makes SO much sense! No wonder I more easily identify as a spiritual seeking mermaid moon goddess than a creature of land. This also explains that when my life is imbalanced, I tend to feel anxious and ungrounded. It’s all confirmation that my regular body practices such as yoga, meditation and nutrition are very important for me. If I didn’t have such practices to help me root in my body, my ethereal self may easily be swept away into the stars! 

Regardless of how many earth planets you have in your birth chart, we can all benefit from connecting more deeply and lovingly with our sweet earth vessels. Since we are holistic beings, the way you treat your body affects your mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. 

As we welcome the beauty of this brand new season, let’s get down to earth with my top tips for Basic Body Care: 

1) Grocery shop/ Food prep. I am a huge fan of routine and preparation for optimal health. Routine and prep help to ground us in our body practices and reduce stress, anxiety and lack of focus. Take time each week to map out a few meals, get to the store for ingredients, and dedicate a couple of hours to prepping meals in the beginning of the week. This will prevent you from eating out/ eating sporadically since you’ll already have food prepared for the week ahead. You’ll save time and money too. A beautiful client of mine used Cook the Seasons in addition to her coaching program with me and loved it. 

2) Cleanse/ Eat grounding foods. Springtime is a wonderful time for a cleanse. You don’t have to do anything extreme in order to give your body a nice little jumpstart. Check out this post for basic cleansing tips. For additional support in rooting into your body, add more root veggies to your diet like beets, carrots, turnips, parsnips, rutabaga and sweet potatoes. If you find yourself feeling anxious and unfocused, these foods will help ground your energy. 

3) Yoga/ Exercise. Make sure that you are moving that body of yours! Whether it’s going to the gym, a yoga or fitness class, riding a bike, going for a run, or taking a 5-minute dance break, move it. I love moving my body because it gets me out of my (sometimes chaotic) mind and in touch with my breath and body. When I’m able to clear my mind and sweat out any toxins that may keep me feeling stuck or sluggish (mentally/physically), I have way more energy and clarity to both take care of business and find time to be leisurely. I like to map out my yoga classes and workouts for the week ahead (there’s that routine thing again). Yoga is an especially beneficial tool for balancing. From an energetic standpoint, practicing the physical balancing postures consistently will help you find balance in all other areas of your life. 

4) Meditation. Meditation is not only a mindfulness practice but a chance to connect with your body through breath and stillness. Actually, the whole point of yoga (asana, the postures) is to prepare the body for meditation. Tara Brach is among my favorite meditation teachers. Check her website for guided medis and more. 

5) Sleep. A good night’s sleep affects everything from energy to mood to metabolism. Be sure you are sleeping adequately each night. Reduce or eliminate use of electronics close to bedtime. Get on a good sleep schedule. Go to bed/ wake up around the same time each day. I have found that the 11:30pm – 7:30am sleep sched is perfect for my body. I was a vampire in my former life and that was well, an unhealthier time. 

6) Positive self-talk. To improve body image and overall health, please speak to yourself in gentler, more neutral language as you evaluate your body. If it’s a challenge for you to feel good about your body, then speaking kindly to yourself is a must. As you look in the mirror, make it a point to focus on a positive feature and give yourself at least one compliment. Appreciate your body’s natural gifts, talents and abilities. Your body is your temple, treat it as so in all ways especially with your thoughts and words. 

7) Go outside. One of the best ways to get grounded is to simply be in nature. Plant your bare feet in the grass, lay in the sand, hug a tree… Be grateful for all the beauty and wonder that surrounds you. Our earth mama is so nurturing. May we respect and honor her as she heals our bodies, minds and spirits each day. 

To further support you in your health and life practices this Spring, I’d like to introduce my Spring Sale! Check out my offerings below, all are valid until April 15, 2016. Please email me with any inquiries or to schedule a healing session. 

“Every cell in my body is loved.” – Louise Hay affirmation

Much love, 


Spring Sale! 

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