Heal Your Habits


In our fast-paced culture, it can be challenging to manage a busy lifestyle. With so much to do, we easily get overwhelmed, confused, burned out, anxious, depressed and irritable. We lose the focus and energy required to properly take care of ourselves and our loved ones. We tend to look for quick senses of satisfaction to escape daily stressors – overeating, overworking, drinking too much alcohol, sugar, TV, social media, dating/sex/porn, excessive shopping, and jam-packing the schedule so that there’s no room for self-care. 

The real solution to making our lives more manageable is to slow down, pay attention and receive the underlying messages of our bodies and emotions.
My unwanted habits are what got me into this whole healing business. I used to consume way to much alcohol and my roughest nights of blackout drinking forced me to make a major life change. I was a hot mess until I finally decided that enough was enough! Once I was able to (finally!) let go of what was not serving my highest and best, the quality of my life improved tremendously. Since then, and throughout my 12-year healing journey, I have acquired many holistic tools for self-awareness that help me sustain a healthy lifestyle.
Heal Your Habits is an opportunity to explore how your unwanted behaviors are actually a gift, meeting them with curiosity instead of judging yourself so harshly. Together, we will explore how you can meet yourself with more compassion, awareness, and receive the real underlying messages of our bodies and emotions. By bringing more awareness and light to the darker parts of yourself, you can learn to make more empowering choices for yourself and your life.
In this 4-week group coaching program we will cover:
Session 1
  • The addictive mindset and why we tend to fixate our attention outside ourselves. 
  • Why slowing down is so important and how to create more space & stillness in your life. 
  • Setting intentions which includes getting really honest with yourself and what you need. 
Session 2
  • Learning to use your mind as a powerful tool to reshape your life through your thoughts. 
  • How to deal with the Mean Voice that lives inside your mind and how to bring love and light to even your darkest, negative thoughts.
  • How to use empowering language and affirmations in order to create a new narrative for your life.
Session 3
  • Learning the importance of actually feeling your emotions in order to put a halt to unwanted habits.
  • How to decode the wisdom of your body and how to utilize it for the benefit of your entire life.
  • How to move and release the stagnant and/or negative energy out of your body so that it doesn’t get stuck and cause the dis-ease that makes you want to numb out/act out. 
Session 4
  • How to create lasting change and sustain your new healthy habits through on-going support. 
  • How and why to connect and trust a power greater than yourself.
  • The importance of asking for support and how to enroll the very best support team. 

*This is an in-person group coaching program. Sign up for my list to be notified for the next enrollment date.

We’ll have 4 weekly sessions together, each session will be 90 mins. 

You’ll have homework between each time we meet (pertaining to the suggestions, tools and resources I share in the program). 


One time payment of $199 

*payment links sent upon enrollment