How to Find More Balance

All work and nbalanceo play makes Michelle a dull girl… Not to be so frightful, but that’s what it feels like sometimes when our lives are unbalanced, right? Vice-versa too. Playing too hard and not being productive enough can leave us feeling inadequate or even shameful. So before we start redrumming everyone, I’d like to give some tips on how to find some stable ground.

1) Prioritize exercise and movement. No matter what your schedule looks like for the day / the week, make damn sure that you are moving that body of yours. Whether it’s going to the gym, a yoga or fitness class, riding your bike, going for a run, or taking a 5-minute dance break, do it. As you already know, exercise is beneficial for so many reasons, but I love it because it gets me out of my (sometimes chaotic) brain and in touch with my breath and body. When I’m able to clear my mind and sweat out any toxins that may keep me feeling stuck or sluggish (mentally/physically), I have way more energy and clarity to both take care of business and find time to be leisurely. It can also help you to feel pretty accomplished regardless of all you have going on in your life. I actually schedule my whole life around my workouts and yoga practice. I pretty much have a class scheduled every day of the week but one (my day of rest). If you can’t make it to the gym, what physical activity can you either do at home or outside for whatever length of time? Get the rest of the family involved if necessary too. Yoga is an especially beneficial tool for balancing. From an energetic standpoint, practicing the physical balancing postures consistently will help you find balance in all other areas of your life!

2) The Daily Q: What is the most important task for the day and why?  I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the 25+ things on the To-Do List are most likely never going to disappear. Even if you complete them all (and if you’re that kind of person, major props because that is certainly not me), they will replenish soon enough. So what is the main thing you’d like to accomplish for the day and why? Now this doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related. Perhaps your most important task is to spend quality time with a family member because you will feel nourished and loved if you do so. Or perhaps it’s to exercise because it sets the tone for how you want to feel throughout the day (see what I did there)? Whatever you choose, it’s highly recommended to also get in touch with the why. (Hint – the why is related to how that task will make you feel once you’ve accomplished it).

3) Get support. Enroll friends, family members, gym buddies, teachers, and coaches to help you stay on track, hold you accountable for making positive changes and simply stay open and honest about how things are going in your life. Our relationships play key roles in balancing in our lives. If we’re isolating ourselves or hanging with people who are not supportive (or who just don’t get it), it can be difficult to get shit done and have some wholesome fun. Support = stability.

There are many more ways to be rock-steady, but I felt called to share these today. I hope you found them helpful. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments. Wishing you an even-keeled week ahead, my friends.



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