It’s Time To Lighten Up!

unnamedHappy March!

I hope this finds you very well! I’m sorry I missed you last month. My father had a stroke at the beginning February so my energy was directed toward him for most of the month. It has been quite a journey and at this stage, I’m just really grateful for my family’s support. Needless to say, the incident has been exhausting for all involved but this has brought us together in a significant way. My dad is currently in an acute rehab receiving lots of physical therapy and his recovery is progressing well.

As we all know, sometimes life seems to pull the rug out from underneath us and as challenging as these times can be, they are also the greatest catalysts for healing and growth. For me, regarding this situation with my dad, it has been an opportunity to heal old wounds around the relationship. I have certainly done a lot of work to heal family stuff along my path but there’s always room for more love. Being with my father through this process has opened me up to deeper levels of forgiveness, acceptance, patience and trust. I’m aware that this all happened in order to strengthen the ties between us.

In speaking with clients over the past few weeks, I’ve gathered that painful circumstances and big change has been the name of the game. It seems like the Uni has been giving us the ultimate test! The truth is, we have all attracted these experiences into our lives in order to change ourselves. WE are responsible for all that we see before us. The test is how we manage our own energy in response to what’s going on around us.

As we transition out of the heaviness of winter, how about we make the conscious choice to lighten up a bit, shall we? There are many beneficial tools for shifting your energy in a positive way. Here are 10 suggestions on how to lighten up!

1) Clear the Clutter. Get started on your spring cleaning early and get rid of all the things that are getting in your way. Take out the papers and the trash or you don’t get no spendin’ cash…

2) Swap Clothes. While you’re clearing the clutter, don’t forget to clean out your closet. Spring is already here in California, so we can put the sweaters away and get the sandals out. Otherwise, you can simply fill a bag with clothes you’re no longer thrilled about and give it away. Create space for new spring duds.

3) Eat Clean. If you want to feel lighter in your mind, then stop feeding your body heavy, rich and toxic foods. Three foods you can eliminate immediately in order to lighten up are processed foods (anything in a package really), fried foods and sugar. Focus on eating whole, fresh foods and observe how this affects your mood.

4) Buy Fresh Flowers. Now that your space is nice and clean, brighten it up with some pretty flowers or a new house plant. There’s something so sweet about buying flowers for yourself. It’s an act of self-love.

5) Assess Your Relationships. In order to lighten the load, it’s important to release toxic relationships. My practice with this is to focus on giving my energy to the people who make me feel my best, where the love is reciprocated. Don’t waste your energy giving to those who are shut down and unable to give back.

6) Go for a Long Walk. This has been my new favorite thing, my happy hour. Taking a long walk gets the blood moving and clears the mind. Utilize your walk to think about the things you desire and feel the excitement of manifesting those things all throughout your body.

7) Choose a New Thought. Lighten up by simply (and powerfully) changing your mind. If the usual doubt and negativity creeps in, pause and say “thank you for your concern but I’m choosing to go in a different direction today.” Then replace that thought with either a positive affirmation or an image of what you desire. (You might have to do this a few hundred times a day, but keep doing it)!

8) DANCE! Seriously the best medicine ever. Take a 5 minute dance break at least once a day to raise your frequency. If you know me well, then you know I am singing and dancing to the rap and r&b jams all day, errday!

9) Sit in the Sunshine. Sun = Light. Mmmmm, feels so good.

10) Laugh Your Ass Off. Watch a comedy show or hang with someone who makes you giggle. I laugh the most when I’m with my sister Maren, who’s been making me cry-laugh for 36 years!

I hope this inspires and empowers you to lighten your life! May we have gratitude for the tough times we’re moving through and the tough times we’ve overcome. As we pay loving attention to those darker places within us, we are lead to tremendous healing and happiness. I’m sending you so much sweetness for the month ahead.


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