Reiki Energy Healing

•  Stress Relief

•  Increased Energy

•  Physical Healing

•  Emotional Clearing

•  Relaxation

•  Intuitive Guidance


Reiki is a natural Japanese healing technique that assesses and adjusts the imbalances in our energy field, assisting the body in returning to its natural, balanced state.  Used for stress reduction, relaxation, and to promote healing, Dr. Mikao Usui developed this healing system which transfers ‘life force energy’ through a practitioner’s hands to the recipient’s energy field.

So what’s the science behind Reiki? The body is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field that is created by frequencies on an atomic level.  This energy field, which can be measured in hertz, is a blueprint of our physical and emotional well-being.

A practitioner can measure the energy field at the major energy centers called chakras.  Each chakra correlates to our physical body and emotional well-being. Stress, diet, physical/emotional traumas, and interpersonal relationships all contribute to the degradation of a person’s energy field.

Reiki practitioners use their hands while a client is sitting or laying down, fully clothed, to release, move or add energy. Typically I have my hands a few inches above your body while you are laying down, connecting with your energetic field at a chakra point.  I actually only touch the body at the end of a session, when I ground your energy through your feet.  I may also lay my hands on an area of acute injury if necessary.

How it works:

During a 50-min session, we’ll chat for the first half about health/life concerns, set intentions and you’ll receive intuitive guidance from me. Then I will gently guide reiki energy through your chakras, naturally restoring and balancing you. We’ll wrap up with anything else that may have come up through the energy work. 

Hours: In-person sessions are available at Sunlight of the Spirit, 2314 J St. in Midtown Sacramento, Fridays 11am – 3pm (my schedule is flexible so I can accommodate you another time if necessary)

Please call me @ 916-572-8378 to schedule a session.


Single 50-min session $75

4 Session Coaching & Reiki Combo (2 coaching sessions & 2 coaching/reiki sessions) – 

one time payment of $499 or 2 payments of $275

Reiki Reviews: 

“I adore Michelle. I utilize her mostly for Reiki and have attended one of her Full Moon meditations (amazing!). She’s a strong Reiki practitioner who really helps set your intent to maximize the benefits. She listens without judgment and is wise beyond her years. Her rates are reasonable (and she accepts PayPal!) and is always willing to work around/with my insane schedule. Love her!” – Laura, Sacramento, CA

“My session with Michelle was my first experience with Reiki. I came in seeking emotional and physical healing and energy release. My goal was to leave at peace, and with positive energy. During the session, I was connected to my own energy in a way I could not have imagined. I will definitely be back!” – Yoshi, Sacramento, CA

“If you’ve even thought about reiki, you’re ready for this! Michelle is the perfect person to introduce you to the benefits of energy work. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to have reiki done over the years and Michelle is exceptional practitioner. Her energy alone, upon first meeting her, was positive and infectious. After the first session, I left feeling energized and “unblocked”. In a field where I take on people’s energy, I find reiki not only to be a benefit but a must! Thank you Michelle…I can’t wait for our next session!” – Bonnie, Sacramento, CA 

“Let me preface this by saying that I’ve been around Michelle for the last few months and I’ve always thought she has a great energy about her. Throughout the session, I could feel the warmth and healing energy right from her hands! It was amazing and unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I felt more calm, collected and balanced than I did when I arrived. There was a huge amount of positive and healing energy exchanged. I also find it very easy to talk to her about my life. My goals, my concerns, and my life in general. I can’t wait to do more Reiki sessions with Michelle! I’ve been telling all of my family and friends about my experience.” – Teresita, Sacramento, CA


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