It's All Yoga

It has been a winter of the deepest self-care and self-reflection. Water has been my savior – salt baths, float therapy and the sweat from my hot yoga practice – I do not take it for granted. 

Ah, the yoga. Where or where would I be without the yoga?? You may or may not know that yoga has been the most transformational tool in my life. Yoga came me in 2004 via my awesome friend Lindsey who worked with me at a restaurant in San Francisco. She was going through a teacher training at the time and needed students to practice with. Back then I had no idea that attending those intimate weekly classes would lead to such profound personal growth. Thus sparked this little yogini’s powerful journey.

I’ve received so many benefits through the practice and study of yoga over the past 13 years, the most profound learning being the embodiment of connectivity. 

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t teach yoga even though I’m a certified YT (and trained by the most amazing teachers at Greenhouse Holistic, my Brooklyn yoga home). I usually reply that Ido teach yoga, however I do not focus on teaching asana (the physical postures). Asana is only one aspect of yoga. In fact, there are eight limbs of yoga and the poses are just one. 

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, which means to yoke or join. Throughout my journey, I have become fascinated with not only how this practice assists in uniting mind, body and spirit, but about how it’s ALL connected – thoughts, emotions, pleasures, pains, relationships, addictions, medicines, the moon, the earth and stars. The Universe is a beautiful mess of synchronistic energy and we have the utter privilege of fine-tuning the inner workings of our own selves in each moment in order feel more connected to the divine source of ALL. 

This yoga life is pretty sweet, I must say. If you know me well or we’ve had the opportunity to work together, then you know that the focus of my yoga teaching is to zoom in on that beautiful heart chakra of yours and uncover all the things that keep you feeling disconnected from divine source. I aim to shine a moonbeam on every single bit that needs attention and love. That awareness is what ultimately frees you from the restrictions and limitations that hold you separate from your own divinity.

You’re always welcome to contact me to discuss more. In related news, I’m so excited for the next course of study! My best girl and magical creative healer Halley Miglietta and I have just began a six month Energy Work and Psychic Reading program. I can’t wait to share more with you along the way. In the meantime, feel free to reach out or find me at my upcoming events. 

Love and light,