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Chakra Talk

Energy, the constant Dance of Life. In and out, around and through us, catalyst to our bodies, minds, and spirits. Grooving with the earth, sun, moon and stars. Pop-and-locking with the past, present and future. I've become fascinated with the interconnectedness and continuous flow. I've also become keen to the Unseen, the divine force that is mysterious and undeniable. The Path of Yoga has led me to investigate the subtle bodies, the psycho-spiritual components of our beings, for these parts contain valuable information for our soul's evolution. 

Chakra Talk is a 6-week in-depth study of the body's energy system. Explore the 7 main chakras (energy centers) and how to utilize the wisdom of your being to heal. Release past trauma, establish presence & balance and manifest your most authentic, dreamy life. In this course, we will examine a specific chakra each week, including potent information regarding health/life issues and how to identify the root cause. Learn how to work with light in order to ground, clear and shield your energy. Deepen your intuitive skills and develop the utmost compassion for yourself. This is a wonderful way to connect with our beautiful community. The group synergy enhances our healing powers and expansion!

Online class begins Tuesday, Jan 15 (via Zoom)

When: Tuesdays, Jan 15 -Feb 19, 7 pm - 9 pm

In-person class begins Thursday, Jan 17 (Midtown, Sacramento)

When: Thursdays, Jan 17 -Feb 21, 7 pm - 9 pm

Cost: $350

The word on the street:

"It was absolutely electric! Each class had my mind feeling energized with new information on who I am as a person. It made me realize I’m carrying things deep within. My self-discovery opened up like whoa and I feel more in tune with the direction I need to head. A lot of that came from the things we talked about but it also came from the group and the space that was created. The space felt safe, welcoming, and loving. A huge testament to Michelle! I seriously wanted to get to know each one of those remarkable women even further because it was apparent that I was sharing the space with kindred souls. Women with remarkable stories that I would love to hear more of."

"Michelle has such a calming and grounded presence that makes learning and sharing so effortless. In this class series, we dove deep into the meaning of each energy center. Discussed ways to heal each chakra, and the ways in which certain symptoms in our lives may be caused or affected by an imbalance or blockage in a specific chakra. All of this in a safe and comforting space. If you have the chance I highly recommend jumping into this class! It’s a great way to carve out some time for deep spiritual care."

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