“I have been working with Michelle the last 6 months and I can not express how much positive change she has brought into my life. I came to her desperate for help in many areas, incredibly lost, miserable and unhealthy.  She has introduced and sustained so much light in my life and provided me with a wealth of ongoing information and education in the areas of my concern. Michelle omits a calm and quiet, yet strong, energy that immediately sets me at ease upon our visits.  I have been introduced to so many new remedies for healing (mentally and physically), thought processes, and solutions through her and have truly learned to love myself again. You cannot ask for a better holistic guide!” – Corey, Sacramento, CA

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“Just for today, I will not worry.” How on earth can seven words change your life?  Can they save your life, your sanity, your marriage? More than that, can they alleviate enough of the parasitic stress in your mind to allow for a discovery of your own truth? Lots of questions with one answer – Yes. I connected with Michelle last year after almost a lifetime of being passively connected through the same schools and friends. I have no doubt that the Universe passed me a line when we reconnected last year and began our sessions. It was a time of significant transition for both of us, me with a new job and her with a big move across the country. I cannot possibly overstate the benefit of working with Michelle. Each session brought a different revelation – sometimes it came out of her mouth and sometimes out of mine, but it was the process that allowed for everything. In the end, there are a series of truths I take with me and meditate on. These ideas keep me healthy, focused and motivated to continue the active relationship I have with myself and the people I love.” – Jana, Sacramento, CA



“My life was at a very necessary turning point and Michelle showed up at just the right time.  I have felt stuck for so many years and rotated through the same patterns that were never getting me anywhere.  Michelle finally helped me clear out some of the clutter so I could truly see this.  She showed me some great tools and helped me define the steps that were needed to process and move through to the path I was meant to travel.  She is such a kind and gentle person.  I never felt judged.  I always felt nurtured.  I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with someone like Michelle and would recommend her to anyone that’s ready to take their life to the next level.  Lucky for me and many others, Michelle has definitely found her calling.” – Tanya, Sacramento, CA