High Vibrational Life

All parts of ourselves – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – are interconnected and therefore must all be given equal attention and care. I draw from a background of holistic nutrition, yoga, energy healing, and transformational coaching methods in order to help guide you to releasing what no longer serves you, prioritize self-care and achieve more balance and serenity.

It’s possible for everyone to find their own unique path to healing. I work organically with my clients and will intuitively lead you in discovering the path which works best for you.

I provide a very safe, nonjudgmental environment for self-discovery and transformation. I have a knack for being gentle in a tough situation, but I will also hold you within integrity regarding your goals. I’ve been told that I make people feel at ease during the process and my clients feel light, positive and hopeful after their sessions with me. Most importantly, this will not be a boring venture. It has been said that I am peacefully progressive with some sass on the side (zig-zag snap). So we will have fun and laugh and inspire each other. Delve into deeper self-understanding and create healthy rituals of self-care in order to experience personal contentment.

My philosophy is that you have the power to take back control of your life!  It all begins with accepting the truth of who you are, discovering what you deeply desire and finding the steps toward living the magnificent life you deserve. 

“Michelle is one amazing lady! I was lucky enough to find her while looking for yet another therapist. I felt stuck. I wasn't where I wanted to be in life and I was willing to try anything. From the very first session, the techniques she taught me and the wisdom she shared had a substantial impact. While working with Michelle I learned to unapologetically love myself for who I am and great things have come from it. Michelle's intuitive wisdom and guidance have been essential to my growth as a person. During our sessions she had an uncanny way of telling me exactly what I needed to hear in the way I needed to hear it. For the first time in a long time I feel free and excited about life! She's worth every penny & her rates are SUPER reasonable for the quality of information and guidance.” - Jennifer A.

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As a client of my one-on-one coaching program, you will:

  • heal past trauma, release dense energy and create space for a positive reframe

  • get grounded, present, and cultivate a sense of safety and security within

  • embody your purpose and learn tools to attract your true value

  • balance your life by prioritizing self-care and making more time for yourself

  • set clear and empowering intentions each day

  • acknowledge your emotions and learn to flow with them rather than drown in them

  • address control issues, let go of addictions and any other habits that slow your growth

  • increase your energy, creativity and productivity levels

  • improve your mood and create a more peaceful state of mind

  • make more meaningful, supportive and loving relationships

  • honor your self-worth, become truly confident in who you are and how you present yourself

  • deepen your intuition and learn to trust yourself and Life more fully 

  • live in complete integrity of who you ARE

  • be fearless in sharing your LIGHT with the world


How it works:

We’ll have 50-minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions via phone or Zoom, which will include discussion of your personal progress and any challenges, spiritual tools, chakra learning, guided energy healing meditations and other related recommendations.

You’ll have homework between each time we meet (pertaining to the suggestions, tools and resources I share in the program). 

You can email me for support or if you have questions in between sessions.

Contact me for a complimentary Discovery Session to see if private coaching with me is the best fit for you.