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“If I give her 6 stars I would! Michelle has helped heal my inner wounds and guide my spiritual journey. I could never had imagined someone coming into my life and doing this but she made it happen. I paid for the 12 sessions and within the first few sessions I could feel an improvement if you are open to her guiding you. I really had to let go and let her take the lead a bit. Thank you for everything Michelle!” - Gilda, Las Vegas, NV

“Before working with Michelle I had done traditional talk therapy and at the time was looking for something different. Working with Michelle was different. We did talk some, and when appropriate she shared resources and ideas and even provided notes after sessions (which was amazing!) It was more than just talking it was also very spiritual. She pushed me to do inner work that I had never done before. We’ve meditated and practiced using awareness of the energy that flows through our bodies. Through meditation and reiki practice, I’ve become more active in managing my own energy, awareness with what I’m putting into the situation versus things happening “to me”. I’ve learned to make friends with my shadow self and my inner child. Michelle’s support and guidance over the past 6 months has helped me transition from a stressful, burnt out and heavy time to a lighter, stronger place. I know that if and when I needed some support or guidance I could check in with her and for that I will always be grateful!” - Aarti, Sacramento, CA

“Michelle is one amazing lady! I was lucky enough to find her while looking for yet another therapist. I felt stuck. I wasn't where I wanted to be in life and I was willing to try anything. From the very first session, the techniques she taught me and the wisdom she shared had a substantial impact. While working with Michelle I learned to unapologetically love myself for who I am and great things have come from it. Michelle's intuitive wisdom and guidance have been essential to my growth as a person. During our sessions she had an uncanny way of telling me exactly what I needed to hear in the way I needed to hear it. For the first time in a long time I feel free and excited about life! She's worth every penny & her rates are SUPER reasonable for the quality of information and guidance.” - Jennifer, West Sacramento, CA

“I don't think there is a single person that wouldn't benefit from Michelle's services. I reached out to Michelle during a difficult and confusing time and her complimentary discovery call was enough to inspire me to take charge of my life and make a huge decision that had been weighing on me for years. I knew I had to start her program and I'm so thankful I did. I had 12 sessions with Michelle and I can't say how grateful I am for her guidance during the toughest transition I've ever gone through. Her energy is light and positive but she's not afraid to call you out when you need it. The best part about her method is rather than do the work for you, she gives you the tools and teaches you how to do the work yourself. Tools you can use forever. I always leave her sessions feeling lighter, stronger and more equipped to handle life. I'm forever grateful, Michelle!” - Ashley, Sacramento, CA

“I adore Michelle! Her energy is just what I needed when I walked into her office. She's helped me tremendously in my relationship with food, my self talk and money. Every session with her I leave feeling a little more clear, directed and peaceful. I highly recommend her! I've done 6 sessions, and I can't wait to do 6 more!” - Tara, Sacramento, CA

“I began working with Michelle when I was feeling really out of balance. My whole family was sick for far too long and I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I believe that what we think, what we eat, what we feel all creates energy that affects us each in a big way. I looked up "chakras" and found Michelle. She has been so easy to talk to and confide in (even easier than therapists) and has given me so many tools and insights. I learned more about my chakras, where I was out of balance (and how to recognize that) and tools for helping me find more balance. I am very happy with my experience and feel I will be benefitting for a long time to come!” - Karin, Sacramento, CA

“I have spent ~ 6 months working with Michelle and I just finished my 12 session program. There are no words to adequately describe how grateful I am for all of Michelle's guidance and support. I tried traditional therapy multiple times over the past few years and nothing felt quite right or comfortable. Since my initial discovery phone call with Michelle I have felt at ease when discussing even my biggest challenges. My personal growth in the past few months has been tremendous and it's so awesome to even have it noticed by friends and family. My confidence has grown, my ability to handle stress has improved along with my personal relationships and anxiety. One of the biggest reasons I recommend working with Michelle is just that, she works with you and makes you feel like she's on the journey with you. She doesn't talk at you or try to diminish your thought patterns or habits but instead points out healthy alternatives or methods for handling things. If any of this resonates with you, I recommend reaching out to her right away!” - Rashee, Sacramento, CA

“I have worked with Michelle over the last 8 months and it has been a truly transformational experience. I sought her out in a very low period of my life, after having exhausted all the self-care and traditional talk therapy tools in my wheel house.  I just knew that even with the wonderful tools I had, there was something more I needed in order to truly honor and connect with myself. Michelle's intuitive guidance was exactly that missing part. In her own gentle but truthful manner, she allowed me to see things for what they are, gave me the tools to practice effective self care throughout the day,  and helped me connect to myself. Michelle is a powerful guide, that will provide you loving support along your journey.” - Leeanna, Sacramento, CA

“I worked with Michelle for 3 months now and her guidance and support really helped me get out of a dark space I was in. She was very supportive and helped me gain the courage to take control of my life. I was very comfortable with her and she was really in tune with what I needed each visit. If you are in need of guidance or even a push towards the right direction or someone to talk to for advice then Michelle is your gal!” - Zoey, Sacramento, CA

“Michelle was so great to work with.  Over the past three months her guidance has made a significantly positive impact in my day to day life - especially how I embrace each day and how I view myself and the world around me.  I needed a shift in perspective and Michelle's intuition and the organic flow of our sessions was spot on.  I recommend Michelle for anyone looking to make a positive change in their life!” - Athena, Desert Palms, CA

“I had asked life for someone to help me get back on track, someone with a different approach than typical therapists, which I've tried. I wanted a holistic and spiritual approach. I found Michelle, a heaven sent! Literally an angel. I went from being in a deep crippling depression, to having goals again, having breakthroughs during our sessions that have brought light to a lot of things I need to work on, to helping me tune into myself more and the most important part... she's helped me find myself again, my creative nature that I felt I lost years ago. She's extremely intuitive and knew about things I didn't even mention to her during our sessions! She's compassionate, patient and ever-so-loving, exactly who I needed in my life. I really can't thank her enough, and I look forward to continuing my sessions with her.” - Natalie, Kingsburg, CA

“I have been working with Michelle over the past 3 months and couldn't be happier with my experience. I came to her at a time of my life where I didn't think I would ever get back on track. She was able to get me there! Through the sessions she provided her wisdom and experiences which made me feel more comfortable and we were even able to share some good laughs! I never felt judged, always accepted and understood by her. It was everything I needed and everything I needed to be reminded of. I'm in a much better place now thanks to her guidance.” - Anonymous, Sacramento, CA

“I have had 2 sessions with Michelle - one Reiki and one Life Coach. She operates from a place of love and total acceptance. She guides you compassionately through meditations and asks pointed questions that help bring self-awareness. She gently gets to the heart of the matter and helps you make decisions to move forward confidently. I left my last session feeling more rejuvenated than I have been in months. I will definitely be back!” - Debra, Sacramento, CA

“Michelle is a beautiful person inside and out. Just being in her presence and energy is so calming and healing for me. She is wise and intuitive and always brings me back to myself. I can tell her anything and I know I'll be supported.” - Eva, Oakland, CA

“Michelle's work is unparalleled! She knows her stuff and comes from a place of total acceptance and heart centered focus to help the people she works with! Cannot recommend her highly enough!” - Gillian, Sacramento, CA

“I adore Michelle. I utilize her mostly for Reiki and have attended one of her Full Moon meditations (amazing!). She's a strong Reiki practitioner who really helps set your intent to maximize the benefits. She listens without judgment and is wise beyond her years. Her rates are reasonable (and she accepts PayPal!) and is always willing to work around/with my insane schedule. Love her!” - Laura, Sacramento, CA

“If you're thinking about trying Reiki just do it! It was like a therapy session, a relaxing meditation session and a foot massage all in one! I've only gone for one session (purchased through LivingSocial) but I would definitely do it again. Michelle is such a calming soul and totally understood where I was coming from and what I needed. Need more people like her in the world!” - Remy, Sacramento, CA

“My session with Michelle was my first experience with Reiki. I came in seeking emotional and physical healing and energy release. My goal was to leave at peace, and with positive energy. During the session, I was connected to my own energy in a way I could not have imagined. I will definitely be back!” - Yoshi, Sacramento, CA

“I had a great experience working with Michelle as a Life Coach. I worked with Michelle for a total of 8 sessions and she gave me the tools and direction to make a number of positive changes in my life.  Michelle is very understanding and truly cares about her clients.  I would highly recommend Michelle!” - Cortnie, Sacramento, CA

“I had never had a life coach before, and the only things I try to spend money on are a) travel, and b) self-improvement (food, gym, wellness, books), so I treated myself to a gift of some sessions.  What's funny was that I wasn't in a rut; it was at a time that I had started the best job of my career.  Michelle came in, showed me that there was so much missing in my life, and that I wasn't giving myself enough time for me.  We focused on so many beneficial and spiritually rewarding things that I still have a lot to revisit materials-wise after about 9 months (it's a gift that keeps on giving)!  Most recently, I tried a Reiki session, and signed up for a ton more!  If you're a busy professional, it's time to treat yourself! Thanks, Michelle!” - John, Sacramento, CA

“I have been working with Michelle the last 6 months and I can not express how much positive change she has brought into my life. I came to her desperate for help in many areas, incredibly lost, miserable and unhealthy.  She has introduced and sustained so much light in my life and provided me with a wealth of ongoing information and education in the areas of my concern. Michelle omits a calm and quiet, yet strong, energy that immediately sets me at ease upon our visits.  I have been introduced to so many new remedies for healing (mentally and physically), thought processes, and solutions through her and have truly learned to love myself again. You cannot ask for a better holistic guide!” – Corey, Sacramento, CA

“Just for today, I will not worry.” How on earth can seven words change your life?  Can they save your life, your sanity, your marriage? More than that, can they alleviate enough of the parasitic stress in your mind to allow for a discovery of your own truth? Lots of questions with one answer – Yes. I connected with Michelle last year after almost a lifetime of being passively connected through the same schools and friends. I have no doubt that the Universe passed me a line when we reconnected last year and began our sessions. It was a time of significant transition for both of us, me with a new job and her with a big move across the country. I cannot possibly overstate the benefit of working with Michelle. Each session brought a different revelation – sometimes it came out of her mouth and sometimes out of mine, but it was the process that allowed for everything. In the end, there are a series of truths I take with me and meditate on. These ideas keep me healthy, focused and motivated to continue the active relationship I have with myself and the people I love.” – Jana, Sacramento, CA

“My life was at a very necessary turning point and Michelle showed up at just the right time.  I have felt stuck for so many years and rotated through the same patterns that were never getting me anywhere.  Michelle finally helped me clear out some of the clutter so I could truly see this.  She showed me some great tools and helped me define the steps that were needed to process and move through to the path I was meant to travel.  She is such a kind and gentle person.  I never felt judged.  I always felt nurtured.  I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with someone like Michelle and would recommend her to anyone that’s ready to take their life to the next level.  Lucky for me and many others, Michelle has definitely found her calling.” – Tanya, Sacramento, CA

"When I met Michelle almost 2 years ago I could never have envisioned the future where we'd meet again. I had been in a vicious cycle of binge drinking and restricting, and I remember sitting with her in a cafe, hungover, just soaking the lightness in her sobriety. I couldn't even imagine ever getting to that point but I was willing to try. Two years later, now with almost ten months sober, I reached out to her and we began working together. When a health coach gets sober, it can be complicated. Michelle knows this - she's been through it firsthand. I needed help remembering how to take care of myself in light of a new sober life. We discovered together that, more than reducing sugar and increasing healthy protein, the real root of it all is loving myself. I was not able to do this when we met. I can honestly say that the mental paradigm shift Michelle showed me has impacted my thought processes tremendously, and has positively changed my relationship with myself, my running, my food and my business. She's just real. I am forever grateful." - Samantha, NYC

"Sometimes we go through times in our life which can be unexplainable, painful or just hard to manage in general. I chose to work with Michelle because I needed some guidance and nurturing to help me through a chaotic and hard time in my life. Not only was she full of support and empathy, but she was able to add value for me in how I wanted to better my life and get out of the rut I felt I was in. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was the right route personally, but I knew I needed a change so I wanted to give it a shot. Honestly, being where I am today and looking back I’m so glad that I did. Michelle opened up my world to different types of philosophical approaches that I don’t think I could have found on my own. They encountered a wide gamut of various things ranging from great books and articles to healthy foods, diets and exercise to practicing gratitude. All of this was very self-reflective and helpful in where I was on my path to change. One of the biggest take-aways was that it wasn’t just a program, it was the beginning of a journey that introduced new routines in my life that I still use today. I would recommend Michelle to anyone I know, as she really understand how important it is to get to a place where you can feel good on the inside and illuminate that to the outside world." - Samia, Los Angeles, CA

"I was blessed with the opportunity to have Michelle as my Life Coach. She is truly in this career for all the right reasons and is such a natural healer. She not only helped me achieve my goals, but more importantly, she has showed me how to love myself, to remain positive, to set goals I can stick to. I was in a terrible rut and I didn't know where to start. She has the gift of being able to find the hidden treasures in people that allow us to achieve our goals, no matter how grand they are. I've learned a healthier way of life, to clear the clutter and to always be positive. My sessions with Michelle are always uplifting, encouraging and meaningful. I'm certain there isn't a soul out there she won't touch." - Veronica, San Jose, CA

"Working with Michelle has given me a great amount of clarity and insight into my own goals and aspirations for a healthy, whole and balanced life. As a woman in recovery, the last year has presented a great number of challenges spiritually, physically and emotionally. Having Michelle help walk me through some of these shifts, and keep me aligned and on track with goal setting was tremendously helpful and important for my personal growth. I cannot stress enough just how powerful and positive my experience has been working with her thus far. I plan on continuing my journey with Michelle, and look forward to the great gifts that come along with the work, the love and the support that she provides on so many levels." - Katie, Los Angeles, CA

"After working with Michelle, I feel that I am authentically working on my health for the first time in my life.  With Michelle’s support, and her “no judgment” approach, I was able to look honestly at the choices I was making that were negatively impacting my health.  I have been able to gain fresh perspective about and to let go of some long-standing habits without struggle. I feel inspired, free and energized." - Lindsey, Taos, NM

"If you and Michelle are led to work together to further you in your journey, then by all means, DO IT!  I am reaching the end of a six month program with Michelle and I can say with joy and sincerity that it has changed my life.  Her fluid, organic approach to shaping a plan for me has been on point and is always inspired. Michelle has helped me on every level- spiritually, physically, psychologically.  She has guided me to a place of confidence and peace with the ability to navigate daily trials on my own. Meet Michelle halfway and you’ll never look back! Love, Light, and Blessings to you all!"  - Joel, Brooklyn, NY

"Michelle came into my life when I was ready (the great teachers always do!) and she has been the most present, facilitating, and inspiring coach I could have hoped for. In a sea of coaches out there, it wasn't easy for me to find someone strong enough to "get me," but Michelle is spot-on intuitive, as strong as a tree, and very brave. If you are ready to really improve your health on every level, talk to Michelle ... she may be the perfect choice as your coach. She is for me."  - Wenda, Tucson, AZ

"I came to Michelle not only confused about my well being and habits, but extremely confused about who I was in general. If I wasn't the crazy party girl, than who was I?! Michelle helped me to work through my issues and emotions, and why they were leading to depending on substance abuse.  She gave me the tools to recognize my triggers, and what I could do to subside them. She helped me through my self discovery to SELF WORTH and I am truly blessed. Without Michelle guiding the way to my own personal recovery, I'm sure my life would be in it's same downward spiral continuing to self destruct. I owe her my eternal gratitude. Thank You, Michelle." - Ashley, Brooklyn, NY

"Everyone uses tools to manage their lives. It is these tools that ensure success or failure. When Michelle started coaching me I was coming off a long period of repeated loss, a newfound sobriety, and a willingness to open my mind to new experiences. Michelle gave me ideas, processes, and direction that I could use immediately that instantaneously changed my mental outlook and brought light into my world. I believe Michelle’s guidance is a tool that every person could benefit from on their journey to happiness." - Walter, Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Michelle has been a wonderful experience.  With her support and motivation I was able to achieve many of my health and fitness goals.  She is passionate, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to diet and holistic health.  Michelle's thoughtful insights have helped me to make positive and lasting lifestyle changes as well. I am so grateful for our time together."  - Jasmin, Miami, FL

"I've been a vegetarian for most of my life and consider myself a fairly healthy eater. Working with Michelle was an excellent compliment to a fairly stable foundation. What I really enjoyed was learning the "why" of eating healthy foods, and how they affect not only your physical body but how living a healthy living affects encompasses all aspects of your life. From happiness, to self-confidence, to weight control, you name it. Michelle's approach is gentle and nonjudgmental. She encourages and nourishes your mind and spirit in such a way that makes you feel so good about yourself and proud of the positive changes that you are making. Not only do we discuss nutrition, a big part of the 3 month course focuses on lifestyle, patterns and behaviors that lead you to do the things you do. I thank Michelle for being my healthy inspiration every day." - Bethia, San Francisco, CA

"Michelle knows nutrition!  My initial goals were to heal from an injury and learn how to use food to help reduce the associated inflammation.  Throughout our sessions, however, I have gained so much more! My relationship with food has completely shifted and I am now eating for optimal energy.  I have happily joined her "high-vibe party" and really enjoying the time focused on nutrition and my healing. The best part is that I never felt restricted, Michelle's strategically gentle approach allowed me the space to gravitate toward healthier choices.  I highly recommend working with Michelle to anyone who is seeking nutritional information, guidance and accountability with a down-to-earth and loving coach." - Kirsten, San Francisco, CA

"In Ms. Mahlman, I not only found a nutritionist, but a coach who guided me in examining other areas of my life.  Our sessions began with nutrition education and ended in me being 90 days sober. I never felt judged or forced into divulging cheat days or bad habits as I have with regular physicians in the past.  Michelle simply met me with the support and customized care I've always needed." - Liz, NYC

"I had the pleasure of doing Michelle's 30 day program after a free consultation over the phone. We covered so many areas of wellness during each session. It's so awesome to have a coach with a strong spiritual and nutritional background! I looked forward to every session and gained some solid knowledge on how to improve my life! Both physically and emotionally! I highly recommend giving it a try!" - Chase, NYC

"Like many of us these days, I know a lot about health, nutrition and fitness. But working with Michelle was like getting a complete, holistic tune up. In her uniquely gentle yet profound way, Michelle leads you to greener pastures and helps you reveal a more vital, centered, inspired you -- simply by showing you all of the ways you can nourish yourself. My body, mind and spirit will never be the same thanks to Michelle's wisdom and commitment." - Robin, Brooklyn, NY

"With Michelle's education and encouragement I've learned what a proper diet is for me and that has lead to amazing life changes. She taught me what would work best for my inflammatory intestinal condition and helped me work towards becoming medication free! She also got me excited about cooking and helped me find satisfying substitutes for some bad habits. Michelle offers exceptional support during the process and is an inspiration with the way she leads her life." - Abbie, Brooklyn, NY

"Sometimes in life you just need someone to present a path to help you get to your destination.  A destination that maybe you have always had in mind, but it always seemed hazy and far away, with too many twists and turns in the road to actually ever make it there. From my first meeting with Michele, she brought that path into my view, closer and clearer than it ever had been before. Ultimately, it was my decision to want to take that path to my own destination, but man, it sure is helpful to have someone draw you a map, with great directions, support, fuel and comfort (even in the bumpy parts) and set you on your way. Its takes dedication and work, but if there is anyone who can help facilitate your focus to take that path you’ve been dreaming of, its Michelle. When its your turn to take that road trip, I highly suggest Michelle as your traveling companion." - Nicole, Brooklyn, NY